What does private touring mean?

It means you have your own private guide and driver. Each day is flexible or customized according to your needs and expectations. You have full control of your itinerary.

Do women have to cover their heads?

Absolutely not. You are requested to cover your head only when you visit a mosque or an orthodox church which is asked as a demonstration of respect, much like when you visit European cathedrals. For cultural and religious reasons some Turkish women cover their heads.

Are shorts forbidden?

Turkish people (both women and men) wear shorts especially during summertime and when they are in holiday resorts and resort towns.

Can I use cheques and credit cards?

Major cards are all accepted at many shops and restaurants. Traveller’s Cheques are also an option but credit cards are more convenient. ATMs all over Turkey provide cash advances on VISA, MasterCard and Cirrus Card. American dollars are accepted in many places.

What is there to see that there isn’t more of in other Mediterranean countries?

Turkey has more ruins from the classical era than anywhere else and many of them are in better condition than other places. Turkey’s ancient cities are largely from the Hellenistic and Roman periods. It also has a variety of ancient sites predating, like the Hittite, Sumerian and Urartians cities. Turkey has a wealth of Byzantine, Seljuk Turk, Ottoman sites, Armenian cities and Crusader castles.
Troy, the city of Homer’s Iliad, is in Turkey.

What kind of planes are used for local flights?

Turkish Airlines has become one of the biggest airline companies of the world. All domestic flights are mid- size Boeing and Airbus aircrafts.

Can a women travel alone safely?

Women can comfortably travel alone in the major cities. It is important to know that people are more conservative in rural areas, as in the other countries. It is recommended to honor local customs by dressing in pants or a long skirt.

Can I drive and is it safe?

All drivers with a valid license can drive in Turkey. Please note that cars with automatic transmissions are not very common. A lot of locals still use stick-shift.

Can I have the opportunity to shop during my private tour? Could you help me with recommendations for unique local products?

When you browse through the famous Grand Bazaar, your officially licensed private local guide who is fluent in the local language and culture will maintain knowledge about the best local crafts, artisans, shops and other sources of high quality goods.

If you would like more time for shopping, we can customize your tour with more personalized shopping as a part of the private cultural experience. Shipping can be arranged by reputable stores.

Can we buy artwork while travelling? Do you recommend art galleries that are reputable?

For those who are interested in art, we have customized itineraries with  focus on arts and visits to the best galleries and museums are included in your itinerary. We can arrange appointments with specialists and private collections visits.
Can you arrange private shore excursions?

We offer private touring at each port of call in Turkey. Your officially licensed private guide and your driver will be waiting for you upon arrival at the pier holding a sign with your name on it. You will enjoy the private touring with flexible sightseeing away from big crowds.
We also offer pre and post cruise tour packages in Istanbul and Cappadocia for 2 or 3 days.

How long does it take to fly to Cappadocia (Kayseri or Nevsehir) in Turkey?

Istanbul (IST) Kayseri (ASR) 1.20 h

What are the flight times for other destinations?

Los Angeles (LAX) Istanbul (IST) 13.15 h
New York (JFK) Istanbul (IST) 9.40 h
Chicago (ORD) Istanbul (IST) 10.45 h
Istanbul (IST) Dalaman (DLM) 1.20 h
Istanbul (IST) Bodrum (BJV) 1.15 h
Istanbul (IST) Izmir (ADB) 1.05 h
Istanbul (IST) Trabzon (TZX) 1.45 h
Istanbul (IST) Diyarbakir (DIY) 1.50 h
Istanbul (IST) Antalya (AYT) 1.15 h
Istanbul (IST) Athens (ATH) 1.25 h
Istanbul (IST) Cairo (CAI) 2.10 h

Do we have to invite our guide to have lunch with us during the private tour?

You don’t have to if you would like to enjoy your lunch privately because we have an allowance for them to grab a bite.